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Published: 02:01 gmt, updated: 10:48 gmt,.6k shares, it's the hit us drama charting the machiavellian scheming of a fictional president. And what about the s-400s? Pictures of the palace under construction first surfaced on the russian language wikileaks website t in 2010, showing its lavish classical interiors, complete with gold ornamentation and ceiling paintings. The s-400 success story is unequivocal. The massive wrought-iron gates into the courtyard are topped with a golden imperial eagle. The political twists and turns of the house of Cards are apparently 'so lifelike' the russian leader believes the show is actually a documentary. Image caption The palace boasts an impressive courtyard. China is building rail lines connecting all of Eurasia. So no wonder, after the s-400 news, the us state department like clockwork approved the possible thats the operative word 15 billion sale of 44 thaad launchers and 360 missiles to saudi Arabia, a very good business for Lockheed Martin and raytheon. The documents do not prove that the palace was meant for Putin himself, or that he was personally involved in its construction. A mystery Black sea mansion fit for a tsar

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house outside moscow when the issue.

Yemen, turkey, s-400 missile, mohammad bin Salman continue reading. Why would he need three helipads? It is though a certified game-changer. Dobbs, spruw an executive producer on the us show, said Putin was just one of a number of world leaders hooked on the show, revealing that President xi of China has personally shared his enthusiasm for it with him. Moscow will keep aligned with Iran across Syraq; thats part of the 41 (Russia-syria-iran-Iraq, plus hezbollah) alliance in the levant/Mesopotamia, an incontrovertible (and winning) fact on the ground. Pictures showing the vast Black sea palace allegedly built for Vladimir Putin. These included ailing industries such as shipbuilding - projects Kolesnikov says he discussed directly with Putin - but an ever-greater proportion of the extra funds, he says, went into "Project south" - the Black sea palace near the village of Praskoveevka. 3 weken zwanger

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Soon after the pictures went up. The ultimate ghostbuster; Russian President Vladimir. Essentially, the, house of saud is obsessed by three main vectors; low oil prices; Iran and Shiism; and. Find and save ideas about.

The government spent tens of millions of dollars on these. At the russia energy week forum in Moscow, saudi Arabias Energy minister Khalid Al-Falih said the Aramco cholesterol ipo a key driver of funds to vision 2030 will happen in the second half of 2018, contradicting saudi officials who earlier stated the ipo was once again. Image caption Deputy pm igor Sechin is said to have played a key role in Project south. More usually, he says, putin passed on his instructions for the building through his friend, and Mr Kolesnikov's partner, nikolai shamalov. Photograph allegedly taken inside putin's Black sea palace (t the lavish interior of 'Putin's palace' (t in 2010, whistleblower Sergei kolesnikov, a businessman and former Putin insider, published an open letter to then Russian president Dmitry medvedev, explosively claiming that the palace was being built. But mystery still surrounds.

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Pictures showing the vast Black sea palace allegedly built for Vladimir. Putin, for years, rumours have circulated in Russia about a vast palace whose magnificence. Ruleaks/wikimedia commons The russian wikileaks has posted pictures of Vladimir. Putin s secret palace on the Black sea.

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Alternative names: Palace on hoeveel the Idokopas Cape, villa on the cape of Idokopas, putin s Palace, dacha, putin general information; Architectural style. With the media spotlight squarely on Vladimir. This hideous bowl alone is probably worth more than your house. Share on Facebook; Pin it ;.

But Kolesnikov says millions of dollars were saved in this way, and at Mr Putin's suggestion much of that money was put into offshore companies - without the donors' knowledge - for use in other investment projects. Tim Whewell's report was broadcast on bbc two's. We are the new opec, king Salman may have boarded the saudi Arabian Airlines flight, but the real architect of the pivot to russia is mbs. Speaking ahead of the release of the fifth series. Kolesnikov described it as a modern version of Tsar Peter the Great's Peterhof palace outside St Petersburg, and estimated that by 2009 costs totalled more than 1bn (660m). Newsnight attempted to contact Shamalov and Kolesnikov's other former partner Dmitri gorelov, but their companies said they were unavailable for comment on this story.

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